Online Quote Resources

Online quoting gives you an easy way to guarantee prices for 30 days, even if the price changes. The quote is also a convenient way to share pricing and purchase information inside your organization.

Creating a Quote

After you’ve added the items that you want to your cart, click "Request a Quote," and log into your account. After your quote is confirmed, you’ll receive an email with the quote. Some user accounts are also enabled for instant quotes, so these customers will be able to see their quote online immediately.

Retrieving Your Quote

To retrieve a previously created quote, click the "Retrieve a Quote" link at the bottom of web pages, and then log into your account or search for the quote using the quote number and your email address. The quote number is shown in the email that you received after creating the quote.

Ordering Items in Your Quote

Ordering online is the fast, convenient way to purchase the items listed in your quote. To order, open the quote online and click "Proceed to Checkout." After you log in to your account, verify your shipping information and tax-exempt status.

Questions about Online Ordering?

For additional help with the online checkout process, refer to our Online Order Resources page.