What Is the Wireless Vibration Sensor?

Contains an integrated triaxial accelerometer and temperature sensor and wirelessly transmits asset health data.

Use Integrated Sensors

Use wireless communication to send diagnostic-quality waveform data at up to 2 kHz Fmax. Wireless Vibration Sensors include an integrated triaxial accelerometer and an integrated temperature sensor that can trend temperature data.

Transmit Waveforms Wirelessly

Transmit data using the wireless gateway. Battery options and wireless communication reduce cabling and installation costs, so you can effectively connect more of your important assets to your enterprise network.

Mount on Hard-to-Reach Assets

Take advantage of these small, battery powered sensors designed for direct mount on the monitored asset with the built-in 1/4-28 stud mount.

Save Battery Life With Gating

Check whether the asset is on before acquiring and sending asset health data and prolong your battery life with the gating feature. You can base gating on acquired sensor values or external systems via Modbus or OPC UA.

Install Indoors or Outdoors

Mount the sensors directly outside in any climate without the need for an additional industrial enclosure. Wireless Vibration Sensors are designed to the IP66/IP67 specification for protection from liquid, dust, and particulates.

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