To the Moon and Back






Humanity has long held a deep curiosity for space exploration and the unknown possibilities that lie waiting beyond Earth’s atmosphere. Together, we celebrated when humans safely landed and walked on the lunar surface, hoping they would be the first of many steps.

The last time someone set foot on the moon, though, was in 1972, as part of NASA’s Apollo program—but that may change in the not-so-distant future. With an ambitious goal to be the first US vehicle to softly land on the lunar surface since then, the team at Intuitive Machines is up for the challenge. 

As the leading provider of space services and technologies, IM employs a talented and highly experienced team of engineers to develop innovative solutions for humanity’s biggest challenges. 

Of course, test and measurement will play a crucial part in planning and preparing for lunar transportation and exploration. In fact, data is the most important advantage we can gain in the early days of development.

“That’s really where we get the benefit from NI. We’re able to very quickly put a system together to instrument our test apparatus and get the critical information we need to inform our design and development process,” notes Cofounder and chief technologist at IM, Tim Crain. 

With the help of NI’s test equipment and data acquisition technologies, IM is empowered to reach its ultimate goals of boosting the lunar economy, providing commercial opportunities in cislunar space, and getting both people and products to and from the moon.


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