The Small Satellite Revolution




For the team at Virgin Orbit, failure is not something to be avoided. On the contrary—it’s something that should be fully embraced. This team’s triumphant entrance to the commercial space race is a prime example of how using failure to inform decisions leads to peak performance.

In this industry, encountering failure is a given. But managing that risk, accepting the right kinds of failure, and being able to learn from each test along the way has enabled this team to reach their goals.  

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One reason that Virgin Orbit has been so successful in just a few years is embracing the idea that failure is acceptable. In fact, if you're not failing, it's my perception that you aren't succeeding.


 -Kevin Sagis, Virgin Orbit’s chief engineer and vice president of engineering

At the heart of welcoming and learning from failure is testing technology. NI is proud to support Virgin Orbit as it leverages NI test and measurement technology to pave the way for the future of satellite accessibility and facilitate a more inclusive space industry. 

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