I Am NI: Winnie Guo



Winnie Guo, a fan of fitness and music, came to NI with an inquisitive mind and a dedicated spirit. Thanks to Generation NI’s cross-functional rotation path (XRP), she’s had the opportunity to experience a variety of functions and positions that have helped her find her perfect fit.

Name: Winnie Guo
Hometown: Zhuhai City, Guangdong Provence, CN
University: University of Leeds
Department/Role at NI: Rotation Engineer, Generation NI XRP
Why did you want to intern/work at NI?

I first learned about NI through using its products for university projects. Naturally, I set my eyes on NI when looking for internships. While completing the placement year with NI UK, I became truly impressed by the company culture. I strongly believe that NI is a place where I can grow personally and professionally. Because of the amazing opportunities I experienced, I decided to return to NI China after graduating.

As a Generation NI intern or new grad, tell us how this program has impacted you.

The Generation NI program allowed me to rotate through different functions. This not only helped me figure out which role I enjoyed and was good at but also expanded my network across the company globally. For example, I still frequently communicate with peers from NIC and NI Germany.

Do you have a passion outside of “work”?

I love dancing and listening to different types of music. Since I started attending university, I catch as many nearby music events as possible!

How do you Engineer Ambitiously™?

Because different rotation roles require different abilities, I dedicate a lot of time and effort to learning and practicing new soft and technical skills. I also ask my peers for feedback and advice so I can learn to improve.

Who is your biggest inspiration and/or mentor (at NI or otherwise)?

My dad has always been my biggest inspiration. He doesn’t say much, but his actions speak louder than words. He taught me the importance of consistency, determination, and being down to earth.

With the transitions to remote school and work in the past year, share some lessons learned along the way.

Remote studying and working made me realize how much I enjoy an in-person work environment and that we should never take things for granted. Being able to greet colleagues in the morning, catch up over a quick conversation in the break room, or drop by a peer’s desk to discuss a problem are lovely and so beneficial to one’s mental health! .

During your time at NI, what’s been the most significant lesson you’ve learned? (This can be anything from a life lesson to a skill/best practice you use in your career.)

I learned that anyone can be a customer. Depending on your role, you may interact with external customers or internal customers (colleagues). So, you should always treat everyone with respect!

As you enter the workforce, tell us why diversity and inclusion (especially in engineering) matter to you.

Gender imbalance is common in the engineering field; however, through work collaborations I realize that everyone brings different strengths to the table.

Also, I was the only Asian employee in the office during my internship, but I always felt included, which helped build my confidence and stay positive.

What’s the one thing you want people to know about you that doesn’t fit on your resume?

I’m enthusiastic about fitness and nutrition. Also, I’ve been lifting weights weekly for more than two years now.

How would you describe the culture and connections you’ve experienced with other NIers?

Everyone I’ve come across at NI has been super kind and supportive. Also, I’ve been amazed at how tightly connected NIers are around the globe! It’s so easy to reach out to colleagues in other countries/regions, and you can always expect a warm reply in return!

How have your skills developed at NI, and what has been the impact of those skills on your work and life?

They say practice makes perfect. At NI, I get to practice my problem-solving skills and self-management skills every day. These skills help me to lead a more disciplined life and be successful at work.


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