I Am NI: Luis Emiro Lugo Jiménez



Luis Emiro Lugo Jiménez is a thoughtful learner who enjoys martial arts, horror stories, and trying new things. A recipient of the NI Engineering Opportunity Scholarship, established by NI and ACC to provide students with financial, employment, and mentorship support, Luis fell in love with a career path he discovered through his interactions with fellow NIers. He’s developed invaluable skills here at NI and is passionate about making a difference through technology.

Name: Emiro Lugo Jiménez
Hometown: Ciudad Ojeda, Estado Zulia, Venezuela
University/College: Austin Community College
Department: Product R&D/Hardware Technician


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Why did you want to intern/work at NI?

I first found out about this opportunity from a teacher. After researching the company for a while, I knew without a doubt it was the workplace of my dreams. NI’s values and incredible achievements really impressed me, and I knew almost immediately that this was where I wanted to be.

As a Generation NI intern or new grad, tell us how this program has impacted you.

This program has meant everything to me. It’s helped me decide which career to dedicate my life to. I’ve fallen in love with the career and functions of a hardware technician. I’ve met talented people who have advised me a lot. My life has changed so much. It’s really motivated me, and I’m determined to give it my all.

Do you have a passion outside of “work”?

I love to practice martial arts. I’m currently practicing judo and wrestling. I love reading history books (especially ones about ancient civilizations) and listening to horror stories. Also, I really like eating at new restaurants and trying foods from around the world.

How do you Engineer Ambitiously™?

I want to be part of the future. I want to investigate and participate in the creation of products that will help human beings surpass their limits through the use of technology and teamwork.

Who is your biggest inspiration and/or mentor (at NI or otherwise)?

Out of the amazing people I've learned from, I would say that my greatest inspiration is Mark Eskew. He believed in me at a time when I didn’t believe in myself. He gave me a lot of support, and he’s trusted me from the beginning, which has helped me recover my spirit. He’s a very kind person and a leader that I’m willing to follow without hesitation.

Also, Chance Hagan and Tony Shutey have been incredible mentors and taught me so much. They’ve been very patient and encouraging, assigning me activities/challenges I didn’t think I could achieve on my own. But thanks to them, I realized that I was capable of handling those tasks and much more. Without a doubt, they’re among the most brilliant people I’ve ever met.

With the transitions to remote school and work in the past year, share some lessons learned along the way.

I’ve learned that when it comes to studying or working remotely, it’s very important to have a quiet place where you can concentrate on your activities, because it’s really easy to get distracted. Eating snacks and listening to good music helps you focus and not feel confined.

During your time at NI, what’s been the most significant lesson you’ve learned? (This can be anything from a life lesson to a skill/best practice you use in your career.)

I’ve learned that some things must be done with patience and not force. Force can seriously damage projects or cause you to start them over from scratch. For me, approaching certain situations with patience applies to my work and personal life.

As you enter the workforce, tell us why diversity and inclusion (especially in engineering) matter to you.

Working with people from different areas and positions has helped me understand it’s not just one point of view or opinion that matters. Everyone at various stages of a project contributes to its success.

What’s the one thing you want people to know about you that doesn’t fit on your resume?

I’m a very kind and energetic person who’s always eager to learn everything possible, including things that aren’t strictly related to the functions of my position.

How would you describe the culture and connections you’ve experienced with other NIers?

It’s been an amazing experience! I’ve met interesting people from various cultures and different parts of the world. I’ve enjoyed hearing about their hobbies and have expanded my knowledge in many areas through our interesting conversations.

How have your skills developed at NI, and what has been the impact of those skills on your work and life?

The soldering practices have helped me develop my hand-eye control and coordination. In turn, they have helped me develop my patience and creativity when solving problems.


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