ADAS Vehicle Fleet Improves Workflow and Data Management



vehicle equipped for adas data collection

Ensuring safe operation at all levels of automated driving is vital to consumer adoption of the new technology. Nowadays, engineering teams struggle with the need for vast amounts of high-quality data to train, test, and guarantee higher validation test coverage of their perception algorithms and hardware.

In cooperation with Konrad Technologies, Seagate Technology, and VSI Labs, key partners across the advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving (AD) ecosystem, NI announced the deployment of a fleet of vehicles in Europe, the United States, and China that will enable ADAS/AD engineering teams to address top challenges related to data volume, quality, access, and utilization. The vehicles are equipped with a high-performance in-vehicle automotive data acquisition and storage solution from NI and its partners.

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This collaboration further enables a connected workflow by combining best-in-class ADAS data recording and management technologies across the global ecosystem and provides a solution to deliver autonomous driving safer and faster to the road.

Engineering a Better Way to Record Sensor

ADAS data recording is one of the most complex challenges for the ADAS and AD domain because data from multiple sensor modalities (camera, radar, lidar, ultrasonics, infrared, IMUs/INS, GNSS, and vehicle networks) must be logged synchronously and analyzed together to train and validate the performance of safety functions and features. The amount of data the research vehicles collect will help advance ADAS solutions to the next level.

Through this initiative, NI and its partners will research, develop, and demonstrate industry-leading capabilities involved in recording high-quantity and high-quality automotive sensor data in the field; efficient data movement via data transfer services; and increased data utilization for training, analysis, and validation of algorithms in the lab.

This collaboration is a great step forward for the development of the PXI high-performance data-logging system featuring the synchronized collection of real-world scenario data from several sensors. This data can be used later for the data replay to ADAS engine control units (ECUs) to test perception algorithms and improve the overall performance.

A Drive to Collect ADAS Data

In North America, VSI Labs will conduct research while driving its ADAS recording-equipped vehicle across the United States to improve the use of data throughout the entire ADAS and AD engineering workflow. The data collected on the road will also help NI and its partners further evolve their joint solutions, which range from data recording and simulation to digital twins and hardware- in-the-loop testing.

VSI Labs regularly hits the road for long-distance drives to collect data and showcase its sponsors’ tech. The company hosts Drive Series events over several days while en route to its destination.

Using real-world scenarios to test and validate the safety and performance of ADAS allows NI to offer its customers innovative solutions. Join NI at one of the upcoming events to learn more about its solutions:


Eliza Mettas, Principal Field Marketing Manager, Automotive, NI, Americas

Daniel Riedelbauch, Principal Solutions Marketing Manager, ADAS and AD Validation, NI

Manuel Hofmann, Principal Field Marketing Manager, Automotive, NI, EMEA