Industry’s Most Accurate 7½-Digit Digital Multimeter

See a head-to-head comparison of how the PXIe-4081 digital multimeter (DMM) outperforms traditional box DMMs.

The PXI Advantage

Develop smarter automated test and measurement systems, all in a compact form factor, using NI PXI DMMs that combine high-performance measurement quality with industry-leading speed and comprehensive software support.

See How They Stack Up



Maximum Voltage

Maximum Current

Maximum Sample Rate

Voltage Accuracy (10 VDC, 2 Year)

Maximum Calibration Cycle

Maximum # of Channels in 4U of Rack Space

PXIe-4081 DMM

7½ digits

1,000 V

3 A

1,800 kS/s

12 ppm

2 years

17 channels

Traditional Box DMM

7½ digits

1,000 V

10 A

5 (std.); 50 (opt.) kS/s

20 ppm

2 years

4 channels

Getting Started With PXI Instrumentation

Learn the basics of the PXI standard platform for automated test with the PXI 101 E-kit, which includes architecture notes, relevant case studies, and performance metrics.