Download the PITSCO TETRIX® Prime for myRIO Builder’s Guide

This builder’s guide has been developed to provide students with positive experiences in controls and robotics engineering. With the assistance of this guide, students will learn to use the TETRIX® PRIME parts to design and construct three different robots. Students can also implement controls theories learned in the classroom to automate robots with the myRIO Student Embedded Device and LabVIEW. After using this guide, students should be able to use the TETRIX® PRIME parts and the myRIO to construct and control a robot of their own design.


Topics included in this guide:
  • Full list of set components, including part numbers for reference
  • Set up instructions and construction tips
  • Getting started with the myRIO Student Embedded Device and LabVIEW
  • Test instructions for sensors and actuators
  • Complete step-by-step build and automation instructions for three model robots
  • Resources for learning more

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