Advance Academic Research With the NI Platform

Every day, researchers use the NI platform to push the boundaries of discovery. They are driven by the grand challenges humanity faces and the economic and technical trends revolutionizing wireless communications, transportation, and energy. The ideas, theories, and prototypes that start in academic research labs scale to evermore complex applications and eventually impact our lives in the form of commercial technology.

As varied as their research might be, academics face similar challenges. NI’s goal has always been to help scientists and engineers spend their time on innovation by providing a platform with the accuracy, repeatability, and scalability they need to validate and prototype research.

This handbook shares insights and best practices from the global research community and showcases novel research that uses the NI platform.


Topics include:

  • Automating Industrial Measurements With the IoT at Trinity College Dublin
  • Validating Enhanced Cancer Intervention Research at Worcester Polytechnic Institute
  • Defining the Future of Travel at the University of Texas at Austin
  • Evaluating the Possibility of Surgery in Space at the University of Louisville
  • Developing Novel Millimeter-Wave Radar for Aerospace Applications at ERNI

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