5G mmWave Semiconductor Device Test Solution Flyer

To achieve some of the ambitious key performance indicators of 5G enhanced Mobile Broadband, semiconductor devices for 5G infrastructure need to empower reliable Multiuser MIMO (MU-MIMO) functionality at mmWave frequencies with larger channel bandwidths. 5G base stations achieve this spatial multiplexing by incorporating beamforming systems with tens or even hundreds of antennas to target individual receivers. Concurrently, mmWave 5G user equipment (UE) relies on beamforming to focus its uplink signal narrowly in the direction of the base station.


Whether these blocks remain as discrete components in 5G infrastructure systems or as more integrated antenna-in-package chips for UE, testing them introduces a whole new set of challenges. This solution flyer examines the new test interfaces for wideband 5G mmWave devices and explains how to work with and test them.

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