Karen Rapp

Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Karen Rapp is a growth-minded leader responsible for driving operational excellence and transformative business strategies to ensure success within NI’s global finance, information technology, and manufacturing groups.


As executive vice president and chief financial officer, she strives to provide clarity about NI’s long-term plan while assuring the organization’s mission and financial goals are tightly integrated into the company culture and business objectives. With a focus on business outcomes, she has a proven track record of creating a continuous stream of efficient financial processes and systems that reduce business risk and improve customer experiences. Karen’s diverse background in roles from accounting and supply chain to sales and marketing and her open and approachable leadership style help her guide her teams to Engineer Ambitiously.


When she isn’t creating valuable financial frameworks, supporting women in STEM, or sponsoring diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives at NI, Karen is looking for ways to slow down and connect with life outside of work. She enjoys Austin’s outdoors by hiking, kayaking, riding dirt bikes, and camping, as well as trying hobbies that expand her capacity to approach challenges in fresh, collaborative ways.


"The ability to synthesize different perspectives and clearly communicate complex financial information is my superpower. Healthy, open, and honest communication is so important. It’s key to bringing people together and helping them understand how they fit into the bigger picture."