Dr. Kevin Ilcisin

Senior Vice President of Strategy and Corporate Development

Kevin Ilcisin is senior vice president of Strategy and Corporate Development for NI. He’s responsible for overseeing the corporate strategic planning process, exploration of new business opportunities, strategic partner relationships and investment and integration functions. In this role, he’s lead cross-functional teams to successfully deploy $1B in capital in the last several years, including closing the first deal of scale during the early 2020 pandemic.


Before joining NI in 2015, Kevin served as Chief Technology Officer at Tektronix. Under his leadership Tektronix developed an award-winning hardware and software product platform that disrupted the market, exceeded all forecasts, and continues to hold a market-leading position. He also held several executive positions at Novellus (LAM Research), Zight Corporation, and his successful start-up, Technical Visions.


Kevin holds Ph.D. and M.A. degrees in plasma physics from Princeton University and B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering with Distinction from the University of Alberta. He also completed Harvard faculty executive-training in negotiation and business management, is a leader in a Chief Strategy Officer network, and serves as a public speaker on strategy and execution excellence.


When he’s not working, Kevin is fortunate to be able to collaborate with other community leaders to address the complex causes behind homelessness and education inequality.