Thomas Benjamin

Chief Technology Officer, Executive Vice President, and Head of Platform and Analytics R&D

Thomas Benjamin is an innovative leader who has a passion for harnessing the power of our software and hardware systems to create real and unique value for our customers. As executive vice president, chief technology officer, and head of platform and analytics R&D at NI, Thomas is responsible for advancing NI’s software-driven business models for the test and measurement market. He is a champion for software-connected solutions that deliver the meaningful test data and insights our customers need so they can bring their products to market faster, more efficiently, and more reliably.


Thomas has extensive experience building software-as-a-service (SaaS) and cloud native solutions powered by APIs, data, and insights. Prior to joining NI, he served as the CTO and SVP of technology at SAP Ariba. His career has also included CTO and VP roles at General Electric and Emirates Group, and technology leadership roles at Visa, Walmart, and Oracle. He holds a Master of Science in Industrial Engineering from University of Cincinnati and a Bachelor’s in Engineering from The College of Engineering Guindy, Anna University, India, as well as executive certifications from Stanford University, Singularity University, and Harvard Business School Online.


Thomas considers himself a lifelong learner. He’s an avid photographer and a dedicated volunteer and mentor in his Bay Area community, where he also enjoys spending time coding and experimenting with home automation.