Prototyping and Deploying Satellite Communications

High-density, wide-area communication coverage based on LEO (low Earth orbit) satellite networks is transforming the way satellite communications (SATCOM) are used. LTE has been expanded to SATCOM, and 5G will soon follow the same path. Military applications must explore the low probability of intercept (LPI) waveforms to avoid detection, and anti-jam architectures to combat interference in congested and contested spectrum.

The main drivers for SATCOM testbeds and receivers are:


  • Wideband, flexible radios for prototyping spread spectrum and frequency-hopping techniques

  • Multi-channel phase coherency for implementing and assessing techniques for digital beamforming

  • Integration with open-source network layer stack IP to get up and running faster for end-to-end testbed development  

  • Compatibility with various software toolchains for easy integration into current development workflows

  • Integration of RF capabilities with various computing elements for host-based processing and FPGA acceleration of compute-intensive functions

NI COTS Components for SATCOM Prototyping and Deployment

  • PXI Vector Signal Transceivers combine an RF and baseband vector signal analyzer and generator with a user-programmable FPGA for real-time signal processing up to mmWave.

  • USRP Software Defined Radio Devices provide a software-defined RF architecture to design, prototype, and deploy wireless systems with custom signal processing.

  • PXI Vector Signal Analyzers offer wide bandwidth with high measurement performance and speed, and they can be used in deployed ground receiver applications.

  • In end-to-end SATCOM prototyping, PXI Digital Waveform Instruments can generate and analyze waveforms sent over fiber or free space, imitating intersatellite links.  


Solution Advantages


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Satellite Communications Prototyping and Deployment with NI COTS Components

See how COTS components help to accelerate the development of new algorithms, waveforms, and architectures for satellite communications. Read how COTS modules can be deployed in SATCOM ground receivers for flexible multi-mode operation, with scalability to multichannel, phase-coherent acquisition.

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