Combining NI FlexRIO and GPU accelerator for advanced RF signal processing


We've worked on developing a system for acquisition and advanced analysis of RF signal. Besides need to have a powerful and reliable platform for acquisition and primary digital signal processing, we needed aditional processing unit to apply advanced mathematical algorithms on hundreds of megabytes of data, in real time.

We've decided to combine NI PXI platform and FlexRIO modules with Nvidia Tesla GPU accelerators. Such system allowed us to take advantage of rapid prototyping capabilities that FPGA brings to the table and to utilize massively parallel architecture of GPU accelerators, consisting of thousands of cores designed for dealing with big data and for handling multiple tasks simultaneously.

Using NI FlexRIO platform with LabVIEW FPGA module saved us significant resources in terms of time we spent to develop acquisition and primary digital signal processing unit. We've used CUDA platform in combination with LabVIEW GPU Analysis toolkit for development of main processing unit algorithms and integration of GPU accelerators with main application which was developed in LabVIEW.

Combination of NI PXI platform with FlexRIO FPGA modules and GPU accelerators showed as an extremely powerful system for high-speed data acquisition and advanced big data processing, with big potential for many kinds of applications.