NI Automotive Journal

Stay up to date with the latest automotive industry testing trends, including best practices in validation and production test, as well as NI solutions for test application requirements. Be sure that you can test the vehicles of tomorrow today.

Current Issue

Testing the Vehicle ECUs of Tomorrow Today

  • Understand the breadths of our HIL solutions, from ADAS to EV
  • Learn about the model-based design and test approach to keep up with the complex DUT
  • Find out NI's collaborations with software and IT companies for HIL applications to resolve today's complex challenges

Q1 + 2020

Testing the Vehicle Electronics of Tomorrow Today

  • Learn about changing vehicle electronics architectures
  • Discover how HIL testing reduced Akebono's time-to-market
  • Preview the upcoming ECU Test System for end-of-line functional test

Q4 + 2019

Testing Vehicular Communication of Tomorrow Today

  • Explore V2X and continuous innovation
  • Learn about automating IVI/car multimedia tests
  • Find out how Mazda reduced test cost by 90 percent

Q3 + 2019

Testing the Electric Vehicles of Tomorrow Today

  • Survive the EV Revolution
  • Learn about Single-Level HIL Inverter Test
  • Find out how Subaru is advancing Hybrid Vehicle Testing through HIL