Using Open-Source Tools with USRP Hardware for SDR Applications Course

This course is designed for engineers who are familiar with software defined radio (SDR) wireless concepts and digital signal processing (DSP) and want hands-on training using open source tools on a USRP. By the end of the course a student will be able to set up a fresh SDR development system with the tools they need to build a basic SDR wireless application with a USRP and open-source tools.

Course Details:

Using Open-Source Tools with USRP Hardware for SDR Applications Course Outline

Lesson Overview Topics
Driver Setup and Verification

By the end of these lessons you should have the skills and confidence to sync, build, and install UHD on your system and understand the ways to use UHD to identify and communicate with your USB USRP.

  • Setting Up the USRP Hardware Driver in Linux
  • Communicating with your USB Connected USRP



Setting up GNU Radio on your SDR System

These lessons walk the learner through GNU radio setup, including cloning the GIT Hub repository, build GNU Radio from source and installing on an SDR development machine, verifying the installation and using the GNU radio from the command line. .



  • Setting Up GNU Radio on your SDR System
  • Verify Your GNU Radio Installation
  • Using GNU Radio from the Command Line

Fundamentals of SDR Application in GNU Radio

These lessons introduce key elements of the GNU Radio Framework, including terminology and important blocks, and then walk the learner through building a “first program” in GNU radio through transmitting, receiving and demodulating signals and using the GUI to control signals.

  • Modulated Loopback
    Modulated Transmission
  • Visualization and UI
  • Unmodulated Loopback
  • Generating Python Code
  • Unmodulated Transmitter
  • Throttle Blocks and Data Types

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