PXI Analog Input Module

Up to 28-Bit, 32-Channel, Up to 2 MS/s, ±15 V Flexible Resolution PXI Analog Input Module—The PXIe-4309 samples up to 32 differential channels and multiplexes the analog input channels across eight simultaneously sampling ADCs. The module samples eight input channels up to 2 MS/s/ch (single channel per ADC), and 32 input channels up to 100 kS/s/ch (four channels per ADC). The module's flexible resolution ranges from 18 bits at 2 MS/s/ch to 28 bits at 2 S/s/ch. The module features on-board signal averaging and filtering, auto-zero measurement switching, and a chopping mode that uses a pair of channels to provide high levels of noise rejection and to enable accurate and repeatable nano-volt measurements.

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