PXI Source Measure Unit

PXIe, 4-Channel, ±10 V, 100 mA, Precision PXI Source Measure Unit—The PXIe-4141 is a 4-channel source measure unit (SMU) ideal for high-pin-count applications. It features 4-quadrant operation, and each channel has integrated remote (4 wire) sensing for accurate measurements. The fast sample rate of the PXIe-4141 can reduce measurement times, capture transient device characteristics, and allow quick I V characterization of devices under test (DUTs). With a high-speed sequencing engine, you can synchronize all these SMUs with each other or with other instruments such as switches or high-speed digital test modules. Additionally, you can tune the PXIe-4141 response to any load to achieve optimum responses with maximum stability and minimum transients using SourceAdapt technology.

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