FlexLogger 2019 R3 Patch Details

This document contains information about all patches available for FlexLogger 2019 R3. All issues fixed in each patch are listed in the tables below. NI strongly recommends that you install the latest patch to all FlexLogger 2019 R3 installations.

Note: The FlexLogger 2019 R3.1 Patch can be applied over an existing install of FlexLogger 2019 R3, or as a stand-alone installation. To determine whether your TDMS files have been impacted, please use the attached detection utility. You can download flexlogger2019patchutility.zip, extract, and then run FlexLoggerDataIntegrity2019PatchUtility.exe.


Issues Fixed in FlexLogger 2019 R3.1 Patch


ID Description
582939 In projects that have 100 or more channels sharing both the same chassis and the same data rate resource (Slow, Medium, Fast, or Counter), incorrect data can be returned and logged.

Download: FlexLogger 2019 R3.1 Patch