RTSI Connector Signal Mapping and Pinout


This article provides the signal mapping and pinout of the Real-Time System Integration (RTSI) connector on National Instruments DAQ devices.



The RTSI connector for an AT board is on the opposite side from the RTSI connector on a PCI board, so the pinouts are slightly different.

For most NI devices, the pinout for the RTSI connector on PCI and AT devices is the one outlined in the table below. For exceptions, please go the the documents linked at the end of this document.

Notice that PCI devices are upside-down relative to AT devices, so the RTSI connector is essentially reversed.


Pinouts for the RTSI connector on PCI and AT devices


Pinout for PCI boards Pinout for AT boards
RTSI_OSC (clock) 34 1
RTSI 6 32 3
RTSI 5 30 5
RTSI 4 28 7
RTSI 3 26 9
RTSI 2 24 11
RTSI 1 22 13
RTSI 0 20 15
Not Used 1-8 (all) 17-34 (all)
Ground 19-33 (odd) 2-16 (even)


More detailed diagrams of the RTS connectors for the PCI and AT devices are shown below.

The following images provide pinouts for the AT and the PCI RTSI connectors.
The small triangular arrow on the connector indicates pin 1.


Pinouts for the AT and the PCI RTSI connectors





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