NI-RFmx 2.1 f4 Critical Update Patch Details


This article describes the fixes included in the NI-RFmx 2.1 f4 Critical Update.


The following fixes were made in RFmx 2.1 f4 (patch) relative to RFmx 2.1

  • Crashes when memory usage in a process increases beyond 2 GB.
  • Recommended IQ Pre-trigger Time now returns a positive number instead of a negative number. This property is used when using RFmx in Analysis-Only mode.
  • For Analysis-Only mode, user needs to adjust t0 of the IQ waveforms according to pre-trigger samples present in the waveform before passing the waveform to Analyze(IQ) function. Refer to the LabVIEW code snippet in Figure 1 for more details. This behavior change affects C/.NET RFmx API as well.


Figure 1. Behavior Changes for RFmx 2.1 Analysis-Only Mode