NI-Digital Pattern Driver 17.1.2 Patch Details


The NI-Digital Pattern Driver 17.1.2 patch resolves the issue outlined in the table below for the NI-Digital Pattern driver 17.1. NI highly recommends this patch for all NI-Digital 17.1 installations and PXIe-6570 Digital Pattern Instruments.

The patch is available through NI Update Service or you can download directly through the Drivers and Updates page linked below.

Resolved Issue

ID Description

Frequency counter measurements will incorrectly return data in ascending channel order regardless of the channel list or the pin list. If the provided channel list or pin list input to the frequency measure function is not in ascending channel order, then the application will get incorrect results.


Capture memory streaming may return incorrect samples when fetching more than a million samples per pattern burst.


Internal bus contention can occur after using source memory on the PXIe-6570. Over time this can cause damage to the instrument.


When using NI-TClk with the Timing Absolute Delay Enabled property set to FALSE, there is an intermittent 10 ns delay seen between synchronized digital pattern instruments. The Timing Absolute Delay Enabled property is set to FALSE by default.