TestStand 2013 f1 Patch Details

The TestStand 2013 f1 patch resolves the issues outlined in the table below. NI recommends this patch for all TestStand 2013 installations. You can install the patch through NI Update Service, or you can download it directly through the following Drivers and Updates page:

Drivers & Updates: NI TestStand 2013 f1 Patch 

ID Description
417990 TestStand 2013 is not able to configure and execute a member call from a Packed Project Library using the LabVIEW 2012 Runtime Engine
412636 TestStand Deployment Utility incorrectly deploys LabVIEW projects that contain class member calls to a packed project library
415304 TestStand can hang in some cases when using the Property Loader step in multiple sockets
418810 TestStand Deployment Utility Log does not display installed TestStand Engine patches
424141 Entering an invalid expression for Report Path in Report Options can prevent the dialog from closing or generate an exception
425089 Using the Execution.ClearSequenceDefaultValues API method to clear default values from a sequence called with a Sequence Call step may cause an exception
452153 Property Loader may launch slowly when loading properties with deeply nested subproperties
438047 Opening the Specify Module dialog for a .NET substep in a custom type palette may result in slow performance
423013 ActiveX graph control displays no data plot in reports when viewed in Internet Explorer 11
456194 TestStand 2012 SP1 .NET assemblies are not installed with TestStand 2013
462471 Property Loader database filtering does not work properly with double-precision numeric conditions
462209 Including an array of Waveform data in a cluster returned from a LabVIEW adapter step may cause incorrect data to be logged
465385 Deployment Utility may not properly handle VIs saved in instr.lib that link to VIs in vi.lib
417712 Adding new default additional results to a custom step type and applying changes to existing instances may not update additional results in the step instances
466292 Configuring multiple LabVIEW Express VI calls may cause TestStand Sequence Editor to hang
462557 Sequence Analyzer may generate a warning when a .NET assembly exists in the GAC and is specified by a file path to a location on disk.

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Drivers & Updates: NI TestStand 2013 f1 Patch