NI Ultiboard Product Features


The Ultiboard layout and routing environment is available in different packages to ensure you have the tools, models, components, and functionality to efficiently complete your design. The tables below showcase some of the features in each package.


Ultiboard Version Student Education Full Power Pro
3D preview in component 3D properties X X X X
3D preview in main screen X X X X
3D printing X X X X
3D Viewer (height, color, shape) X X X X
Push and shove component placement (New in 10.1) X X X X
Push and shove trace placement X X X X
Comments on layout (formerly Redlining feature) X X X X
Dimming inactive information to the background X X X X
Export - Gerber files X X X X
Filter errors/warning in the Spreadsheet output windows X X X X
Forward/Backward annotation X X X X
Object information with a tool-tip label X X X X
Grouping (group/ungroup selection) X X X X
Save design X X X X
Selection filters X X X X
Standard Clearance Options X X X X
User Library X X X X
Via stack inside a SMD pad X X X X
Cross probing between UB and MS/MC X X   X
Auto-alignment    X X X
Change trace width "on the fly"   X X X
Corporate Libraries   X X X
Customizable layers viewing for glue, paste, solder   X X X
Customization of report generator   X X X
Dimensioning    X X X
Export - IPC-D-356A Netlist   X X X
Export - SVG files   X X X
Full screen mode   X X X
Follow-me routing   X X X
Import - DXF files   X X X
Import - Orcad PCB files   X X X
Import - Protel PCB files   X X X
Jump to error   X X X
Keep-in and keep-out   X X X
Multiple open documents   X X X
Net bridges   X X X
Net shielding   X X X
Ruler bar alignments   X X X
Ruler bar measurements   X X X
Show drill size in pads   X X X
Split power planes   X X X
Pin necked trace support   X X X
Polar grids   X X X
3D visualization of the inside of the PCB   X   X
Ability to "turn off" ratsnest for selected nets   X   X
Additional net options like Max/Min Width, Max/Min length   X   X
Auto jumper placement – inserts jumper into a net   X   X
Automatic Tear dropping    X   X
Copper Amount Report   X   X
Differential Impedance Calculator   X   X
Differential Pairs   X   X
Enter Coordinate dialog from Spreadsheet   X   X
Equi-space traces support   X   X
Export 3D information in DXF format   X   X
Fan-out option for components    X   X
In-place footprint editor   X   X
Mechanical CAD   X   X
Microvias   X   X
Multiple Clearance options    X   X
Paste Special   X   X
PCB design savable as a reusable component   X   X
PCB Transmission Line Calculator   X   X
Pin and Gate Swap   X   X
Place objects within a predefined array   X   X
Replica place   X   X
Spreadsheet view - Complete   X   X
Technology Files (Load and Save)   X   X
Test point insertion   X   X
Test Points Report   X   X
Topology choices: Shortest, Daisy chain, Star   X   X
Unplace components   X   X
Export 3D IGES   X   X
Connection machine   X   X
High Speed   X   X
Component place sequencer   X   X
Variant Support   X   X
Layer limit 64 64 64 64
Trace rubberbanding X X X X
Autoroute (Start/Resume button)   X X X
Automatic test-point placement   X X X
Autoplacement   X X X
Net shielding   X X X
Router support for pin and gate swap    X X X
BGA fanout   X   X
Bus routing   X   X
Differential Pair routing   X   X
Group Autoplace   X   X
Group Autoroute   X   X
High Speed   X   X
Optimizer   X   X
Prioritize routing order (by net)   X   X
Route a single net   X   X
Topology choices: Shortest, Daisy chain, Star   X   X
Layer limit 2 8 4 64
Evaluation (Unactivated) Mode   X   X
Pin number limit 550 None 2000 None


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