Academic Site License Activation FAQ


How Do I Activate Software from my Academic Site License?

Some of the products in the Academic Site License, including LabVIEW, require activation. All software in the Academic Site License that requires activation will use the same serial number found on the Certificate of Ownership card included in the box.

When you install the product, the NI Activation Wizard launches immediately and guides you through the entire activation process. There are six methods available to activate. When you activate, the NI Activation Wizard displays each of these options and gives you any information required to activate. More information is available at Activation options include:

24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week

Auto - Activate the product automatically through the NI Activation Wizard.
Note: This is the only method that requires an Internet connection on the computer where the software is installed.

E-mail - E-mail your activation request to NI. This method creates an e-mail to send to NI. If the computer that has the software installed does not have Internet access, you can save this e-mail text to a file and send it from a different computer that does have Internet access.

Web - Use a Web browser to acquire an activation code for the computer. You can activate using this method, which displays the required information, on the computer or print the information. You can take this information to a computer that has Internet access to acquire your activation code.

Auto-Phone - Phone NI at any time to activate your product. The Activation Wizard displays a phone number and numeric information to enter into the automated phone system. An activation code will be read back to you over the phone.

During Business Hours

Phone - Contact a NI representative to acquire your activation code.

Fax - Fax your activation request to NI.

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What is the Best Way to License Multiple Lab Computers?

Many customers of the Academic Site License can use NI Volume License Manager (NI VLM) to work with multiple computer installations. Reference the links below for additional information.

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Can I Activate a Single Computer and then Deploy its Image to the Lab?

In many cases this is possible. You will need to contact NI for more information. Please refer to the Tutorial: Creating an Image of NI Products with Activated Licenses.

Are Students' Personal Computers Covered Under the Site License?

NI now offers Student Install Options for most teaching Academic Site Licenses (ASL) that allow students to access the same software used in the laboratory from their personal computers. More information can be found here