Linux Real-Time PXI Driver and Software Compatibility


Linux Real-Time for PXI is the latest Real-Time Operating System for NI PXI Controllers. With this change, support for many NI software products and drivers has changed. This document details supported drivers and software, caveats, support limitations, and other information on these changes.


Migrating to Linux Real-Time PXI

While existing controllers and applications can be migrated to Linux Real-Time PXI, there are several steps necessary. To migrate an application to Linux Real-Time on PXI:

  1. Provision a supported PXI Controller with NI Linux Real-Time as documented in Provisioning a PXI Controller to the NI Linux Real-Time Operating System.
  2. Install software to the PXI Linux Real-Time Controller as described in Installing Software on NI Linux Real-Time PXI Controllers.
  3. Review the Real-Time Module on NI Linux Real-Time Targets topic in the LabVIEW Real-Time Module Help for comparisons to and differences from previous Real-Time Operating Systems.

NI Driver Compatibility for NI Linux Real-Time on PXI

The table below covers supported NI Software and Drivers in Linux Real-Time for PXI. For additional documentation specific to NI Software or Drivers, NI recommends referring to the readme or Help for each specific product.


NI Software or Driver Support Added in Version First Supported LabVIEW Real-Time Version Additional Comments



Automotive Diagnostic Command Set 19.0 2019  
ECU Measurement and Calibration Toolkit 19.0 2019  
LabVIEW OPC UA Toolkit 2019 2019  
NI FlexRIO 19.0 2019 NI FlexRIO 19.0 only provides support for PXIe-797x devices on Linux Real-Time.
NI R Series Multifunction IO 19.1 2019 PXIe-7820/1/2R, PXIe-7846/47/56/57/58R, PXIe-7867/8R, PXIe-7861/2
NI System Configuration 19.0 2019  
NI-488.2 19.0 2019 Refer to the readme for supported hardware and other information.1
NI-ATCA FPGA Driver Software 19.0 2019  
NI-DAQmx (PXI, PXIe, and USB Devices) 19.1 2019 Refer to NI-DAQmx First Available Hardware Support for information on device specifics.
NI-DAQmx (C Series and FieldDAQ Devices) 19.1 2019 PXI Linux Real-Time devices support the same C Series and FieldDAQ devices as the IC-317x family of Linux Real-Time controllers. Refer to the NI-DAQmx Readme for more information.
NI-Industrial Communications for EtherCAT 19.0 2019 Supports select PXIe controllers with NI Linux Real-Time. Refer to readme for device specifics.
NI-mmWave 19.0 2019  
NI-Serial 19.0 2019 Refer to the readme for supported hardware and other information.1
NI-SLSC 19.0 2019  
NI-Sync 19.0 2019 NI-Sync Limitations on Linux Desktop and NI Linux Real-Time
NI-USRP 19.0 2019  
NI-VISA 19.0 2019  
NI-XNET 19.1 2019  
PXI Platform Services 19.0 2019  


NI-Serial 19.0 and NI-488.2 19.0 have separate readmes for Real-Time Support. Refer to the readmes attached to this document for more information.

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