NI Vision Development Module 2018 and 2018 SP1 Bug Fixes


The following items are the CAR IDs of issues fixed between the release of NI Vision Development Module 2017 SP1 and NI Vision Development Module 2018 SP1. If you have a CAR ID, you can search this list to validate that the issue has been fixed. This is not an exhaustive list of issues fixed in the current version of NI Vision Development Module.

Vision Development Module 2018

ID Fixed Issue
688610 LabVIEW crashes when we try to set a calibration axis with angle set to NaN.
686737 The FPGA Centroid Single Pixel (x1)  function returns incorrect values for both U8 and U16 datatypes.
680641 In Vision Assistant 2017, when editing a Pattern Matching template's algorithm to change to Low Discrepancy Sampling, the settings are not saved properly. The template settings will revert back to the latest selected algorithm the next time it is opened.
679390 When the Source Image Input is calibrated, the IMAQ Compute Curvature VI does not return calibrated results if the IMAQ Extract Contour function called beforehand has a Destination Contour Image Input.
673915 When using the results of a previous Caliper step in another Caliper step, the generated LabVIEW NXG code returns NaN for that previous result.
636234 LabVIEW crashes when a Character Set File is more than 255 symbols. This issue is related to a LabVIEW CAR 590261 that was fixed in LabVIEW 2017.
569446 A large number of open image references (in the order of thousands), can adversely impact the performance (processing time) of Vision APIs. It is recommended to dispose the reference when an image refnum is no longer in use.
677373 Additional requirements are needed to deploy LV_LineIntersection1 on NI Real Time targets with VxWorks and Linux OS. [Contact NI Support].
678540 IMAQ Clamp Max returns incorrect calibrated distance after updating the calibration axis of the calibrated image (simple calibration).
364804 The IMAQ Overlay Multiple Lines 2 VI returns an error when Fill is the selected Drawing Mode.
623193 NI Vision allows a maximum of 1024 unique threads to access one image during the process lifetime. LabVIEW takes care of this by maintaining a threadpool. But for text-based (Eclipse, C, or CVI) users, it is recommended to use a threadpool architecture and reuse threads, if the number of accesses to any image exceeds 1024 unique threads. In the absence of a threadpool, there is a possibility of leak in memory during the imageCreateImage() and imaqDispose() calls in worker threads.


Vision Development Module 2018 SP1

ID Fixed Issue
711590 In some cases, passing an Image data type as inputs to "IMAQ DL Mode Set Input(Image).vi" can result in incorrect output data.
710981 LabVIEW can hang after editing Vision Assistant Express VI.
708024 The IMAQ Morphology function is slower on Linux RT than on Windows for 9x9 kernel.
706575 Vision Assistant LabVIEW Code Generation does not generate IMAQ Local Threshold with Modified Sauvola Method VI polymorphic instance.
705798 Using the Geometric Matching algorithm in the Map Defect step does not reposition the template properly if a match offset has been specified.
705383 When Vision Assistant is launched from the Express VI, the UI can loose focus if the user clicks off of it.
705380 The Filter:Convolution algorithm does not provide FPGA resource estimations.
703223 In some cases, creating a new instance of the Vision Assistant Express VI in LabVIEW causes error ""C:\ProgramData\National Instruments\Vision Assistant\08380969.bin" not found".
699277 Pattern Matching and Map Defect steps return pixels values when the image is calibrated.
686924 When the annulus region of interest has outer radius settings of 315 or more than 1206, the IMAQ ROIToMask 2 can sometimes crash.
685743 In Vision Assistant, images cannot be loaded if the file path contains 0x7C in multiple-byte character (for eg. Japanese).
679594 With certain filter sizes and images, Find Straight sometimes misses to output the correct best edge.
676931 When generating the Read Barcode function in .NET from Vision Assistant, the imaqReadBarcode will sometimes throw an exception when the region of interest is too large.
698412 The SetInputData VI from the Model Importer API does not set the data correctly for certain RGB image cases.
676931 When generating the Read Barcode function in .NET from Vision Assistant, the imaqReadBarcode will sometimes throw an exception when the region of interest is too large.
205972 FindEdge cannot always find a line depending on ROI size and gap size.
172816  When applying custom data to IMAQ buffers using IMAQ Write Custom Data, then performing arithmetic operations on the buffer, like IMAQ Subtract, the custom data is lost.
654015  When using the IMAQ Cast Image on a I16 image, the default mode is "Using Shift" instead of "Using Bit Depth". The results can be confusing so the recommendation is to use IMAQ Cast Image 2.


Glossary of Terms


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