NI Update Service 16.0 Known Issues and Bug Fixes


This document describes any known issues and a selection of bug fixes in NI Update Service 16.0.

This file contains important last-minute information about NI Update Service, including known issues.

 Known Issues

The following table contains the NI Update Service known issues that were discovered before and since the release of NI Update Service. This table is not an exhaustive list of known issues; it is intended to show only the severe and common issues.

ID Known Issues
346740 Update Service does not time out when checks for updates take too long. If the network connection is slow or lost, NI Update Services appears to continue checking for updates.

Workaround: Either allow NI Update Service to finish checking for updates or close NI Update Service and check for updates later.

A notice to update NI Update Service is hidden when redisplaying NI Update Service after downloading an update. When the UI is displayed again after building a suite of updates (because you chose to save only or because the installer errored or was cancelled), the message is not shown with the rest of the list of updates.

Workaround: Restart NI Update Service.

366159 Incompatibilities are confusing when they are caused by a product contained in an update. Often updates have incompatibilities that are not caused by the product that the update is for, but by a dependency that the update installs.

Workaround: None
421856 When an update fails during installation, some settings in the Windows registry may remain on the system, causing the update to not appear in NI Update Service anymore.

Workaround: Visit to find the update online, download it again, and rerun the installer in repair mode.
458722 The NI Update Service startup task does not always run at logon on Microsoft Windows XP after installing NI software and rebooting. It also does not run at startup to detect if a regularly scheduled check for updates was missed.

Workaround: Manually start NI Update Service.

 Bug Fixes

The following table contains the IDs and titles of a subset of issues fixed in NI Update Service 17.0. This table is not an exhaustive list of issues fixed.

ID Fixed Issue
581250 Fixed an issue where NI Update Service incorrectly over-calculates the size of download items.
650689 Fixed an issue where NI Update Service would crash if the update check was cancelled quickly after opening.

Glossary of Terms


  • Bug ID - When an issue is reported to NI, you may be given this ID or find it on  You may also find IDs posted by NI on the discussion forums or in KnowledgeBase articles.
  • Legacy ID – An older issue ID that refers to the same issue.  You may instead find this issue ID in older known issues documents.
  • Description - A few sentences which describe the problem. The brief description given does not necessarily describe the problem in full detail.
  • Workaround - Possible ways to work around the problem.
  • Reported Version - The earliest version in which the issue was reported.
  • Resolved Version - Version in which the issue was resolved or was no longer applicable. "N/A" indicates that the issue has not been resolved.
  • Date Added - The date the issue was added to the document (not the reported date).