PROVEtech:RBS - Base and CAN/CAN-FD for Veristand


PROVEtech:RBS – Base & CAN/CAN-FD for VeriStand provides AUTOSAR CAN and CAN-FD automotive restbus simulation functionality.

PROVEtech:RBS – Base & CAN/CAN-FD for VeriStand is a software add-on that works with NI-XNET-supported devices to automatically identify and calculate signals for automotive networks. You can use this add-on with communication database files such as AUTOSAR XML and database container (DBC) to send and receive controller area network (CAN) and CAN flexible data-rate (CAN-FD) signals. With PROVEtech:RBS – Base & CAN/CAN-FD for VeriStand, you also can monitor, send, or receive signals to test a device-under-test (DUT). The add-on requires VeriStand and the NI-XNET driver software.