Switch Load Signal Conditioning (SLSC) hardware integrates with PXI and CompactRIO systems. SLSC standardizes connectivity, minimizes point-to-point wiring, and provides a modular approach to signal conditioning, fault insertion, and other test needs.

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  • Houses switch load signal conditioning (SLSC) modules that provide switches, loads, and signal conditioning for PXI and CompactRIO hardware platforms.
  • Provides access to switch load signal conditioning (SLSC) module functions to quickly prototype module designs.
  • Offers bidirectional digital input and output channels in a switch load signal conditioning (SLSC) module.
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    $ 4,700.00

    Simulates the behavior of an oxygen sensor in a switch, load, and signal conditioning (SLSC) module.
    Feature Highlights:
    • Bus: SLSC
  • Enables you to design and develop the custom switch load signal conditioning (SLSC) modules and rear transition interfaces (RTIs).