How Do I Use LabVIEW to Measure Physical Systems With Sensors or Actuators?

LabVIEW helps you view measurements to quickly make decisions. With seamless hardware integration, approachable programming, and built-in analysis algorithms, LabVIEW simplifies automation and customization.

See What You Can Do With LabVIEW

It’s easy to quickly acquire the measurement data you need with LabVIEW by integrating NI DAQ hardware or third-party devices together. With a visual representation of your hardware, you gain instant access to your data to validate hardware wiring and configuration. You can also use a graphical programming approach to automate your system to meet your application’s needs and reduce the inefficiencies of repeating manual measurements.


Instantly Connect to Measurement Hardware

LabVIEW reduces setup time with a visual representation of your NI hardware that helps you quickly validate hardware configuration and view measurements. You can also integrate third-party devices into your application with access to tens of thousands of drivers that typically include APIs, examples, and documentation.

Customize and Repeat Measurements to Meet Application Requirements

LabVIEW removes inefficiencies of repeating manual measurements with a graphical programming approach that enables automation without the burden of traditional programming. Designed for engineers and scientists, the graphical approach maps your thoughts to functional code to meet application needs.

Make Data-Based Decisions Faster Through Instant Insights

LabVIEW helps you gain insight from your measurements with 1,000+ built-in algorithms to visualize and analyze signals—programming optional. You can also integrate these algorithms, or reuse existing code from third-party software, to make decisions faster by analyzing your data as you acquire it.

Automate Saving and Reporting Data

LabVIEW features file management functions to save and share your data in standard file formats such as binary, text, and CSV. You can customize how your data is formatted and reported with file storage functions that can trigger data capture based on a measurement condition or an event.

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