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USRP Software Defined Radio Stand-Alone Device


Provides deterministic control of transceivers using an onboard FPGA and processor for rapidly prototyping high-performance wireless communications systems.

The USRP Software Defined Radio Stand-Alone Device consists of an onboard processor, FPGA, and RF front end. You can program this device using either LabVIEW Communications System Design Suite or an open-source software workflow, depending on the operating system you choose. You can provision the device with NI Linux Real-Time, Linux Fedora, or Linux Ubuntu real-time operating systems. The USRP Software Defined Radio Stand-Alone Device enables you to prototype a range of advanced research applications such as stand-alone LTE or 802.11 device emulation; Medium Access Control (MAC) algorithm development; multiple input, multiple output (MIMO); heterogeneous networks; LTE relaying; RF compressive sampling; spectrum sensing; cognitive radio; beamforming; and direction finding.The registered trademark Linux® is used pursuant to a sublicense from LMI, the exclusive licensee of Linus Torvalds, owner of the mark on a worldwide basis.