How Do I Connect and Monitor Test Assets with the SystemLink™ Test Module?

The SystemLink Test Module provides out-of-the-box support for TestStand and a robust API for other sequencers to serve test results to a centralized server. You immediately gain access to reporting and analysis features.

See What You Can Do With SystemLink Asset Module

The SystemLink Test Module gives you critical insights into the tests running on your test floor without drastically changing your current workflow. If you use TestStand, integrating your station into SystemLink is quick and easy. Simply enable the SystemLink Test Module reporting feature from TestStand, and your results and dependent files are sent to the server. If you are using LabVIEW or a third-party sequencer, you can connect it to the server with the easy-to-use API in the SystemLink Test Module.

WAYS THE SystemLink Test Module CAN HELP

Monitor and Report Test Results

A centralized web application displays test execution details across a collection of networked test stations. You can monitor pass/fail status at the sequence and step levels and access attached test reports.

Integrate Natively with TestStand

Track test sequence and step status with live reporting from TestStand-based applications. Use these applications to retrieve pass/fail metrics per system and configure custom properties and metadata.