How Do I Troubleshoot More Efficiently with the SystemLink™ Test Module?

The SystemLink Test Module generates trend data and automated reports on all tests in its database. Test engineers can use this data to troubleshoot operational issues quickly and more effectively.

See What You Can Do With SystemLink Test Module

Test engineers don't have time to go through the tedious process of troubleshooting a bottleneck in their test equipment. They need to focus on providing accurate and consistent test results on time and budget. When an equipment issue does occur, test engineers must find and address it quickly. The SystemLink Test Module makes it easy to identify and understand operational issues with test assets. Using trend reporting and automated reports, test teams can quickly find test steps that are failing and track them back to points in time where hardware or software changes might have occurred.

WAYS THE SystemLink Test Module CAN HELP

Automatically Generate Trend Data

Keep a history of the values associated with a test step such as pass/fail, test criteria, and output. Use this data to monitor the efficiency of test steps, or pinpoint an instance in time where hardware or software changes might have occurred.

Generate Reports on All Tests in Your Database

Stay informed on the efficiency of tests and test equipment with automated reports, which provide an excellent first check on yield, throughput, and failure paraeto.