What Is SystemLink™ Enterprise?

Analysis Dashboard from SystemLink Software ​

SystemLink Enterprise improves connectivity and collaboration experiences for test engineering teams in both the design validation and production environments. This is offered in a scalable, cloud-native option for company-wide implementations and accessibility.

Improve Scalability and Performance

Two engineers remotely monitor their test station.​

For organizations looking for a consistent implementation of test and measurement management workflows across their entire footprint—within and across sites and geographies—SystemLink Enterprise provides a cloud-based management tool that can help you with the following tasks:

  • Maintain logs of capital assets for both local test and measurement operations and enterprise-wide planning

  • Measure the performance and utilization of assets with various individual and aggregate views 

  • Deploy and verify test and measurement standards, configurations, and states to all locations

Manage Enterprise Data

​Engineers connect SystemLink to IT infrastructure.

As product complexity, innovation demands, and test and measurement footprints grow, SystemLink Enterprise provides a secure pipeline of big data tools:

  • Collect all relevant data across the entire test and measurement footprint to make macro-level decisions about products, designs, and operations 

  • View and process data at customizable checkpoints for data quality control and decision-making 

  • Implement data transformation to maintain local preferences for data formatting without sacrificing enterprise-wide data standardization

Perform Flexible Analysis

An engineer reviews data on two monitors. ​

To extract meaningful insights from test and measurement data, SystemLink Enterprise provides an analysis framework of prebuilt tools and supported data processing languages. It offers the following benefits:

  • Supports a growing list of product and industry-specific analysis packages

  • Enables the creation of custom and proprietary analysis IP 

  • Accelerates mission critical, decision-making processes for next generation designs, products, and operations that depend on large amounts of data from dispersed data sources