LVDS Cable


Connects NI high-speed, LVDS digital instruments to other NI accessories, Infiniband interfaces, or directly to individual header pins.

The 48-InfiniBand-Male to 48-InfiniBand-Male model provides signal quality through impedance matching and minimal crosstalk. This shielded cable meets all EMC compliance regulations and reduces electromagnetic noise emissions. The cable can also connect high-speed digital instruments with other NI accessories to break out cable signals for direct access. The 72-Female to 48-InfiniBand-Male model model is a shielded, flying-lead cable that plugs directly into any 0.1 in. header connector. This cable provides connectivity for applications that demand quick analysis of digital components or for environments where the hardware configuration constantly changes. Combined with a high-speed digital board and software, this model helps you quickly analyze the behavior and characteristics of custom circuits and ICs.