Volvo Cars needed to extend the functionality of its Dynamic Driving Simulator to encompass active vehicle components and control systems. This would reduce the need for costly, physical field tests whilst ...

Developing engine simulators for the BMW Hydrogen 7, a new hybrid vehicle designed to combine the pleasure of driving a BMW with the benefits of practically emission-free mobility.

We wanted to develop a new technique for measuring fuel cell impedance that would empower us to rapidly measure the characteristics of a wide range of frequencies in high precision, rather than just the ...

Hyundai Kefico stopped redesigning testers from scratch with every new ECU test by adopting a customizable, user-defined test system using the NI automated test platform.

EDIBON needed to develop teaching units to drive the learning of the principles, techniques, technologies, and applications of physics, both at the industrial and research levels.

Implementing the driving system of a climatic chassis dynamometer, which is mobile and was developed in a trailer so space is limited, within a strict budget.

Designing a tool to rapidly and efficiently test telematics control unit (TCU) integration in a vehicle within a lab environment as opposed to physically performing the tests on the road.

Developing a robust and reliable automated optical inspection system for automobile spark plugs while meeting exacting standards of six-sigma gage reproducibility, repeatability, accuracy, and saving floor ...

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