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I have recently change mycRIO controller password but unfortunately my new password cannot be use. It always pop up the incorrect username or password error message when I try to log in the new password ...

I want to simulate a resolver with LabVIEW in the FPGA of my R-Series PXI card or my CompactRIO, is there a program that does this?

In the scan mode (non FGPA) of the compactRIO, the sampling rate is normally limited at 1 kHz or less. I am trying to use LabVIEW to program the compactRIO, how do I change the sampling rate?

... cRIO-9103 cRIO-9104 Supported Hardware and Software Refer ...

This document explains how to attach the Carrying Handle for CompactRIO and CompactDAQ kit (part number 786744-01) to most multi-slot NI CompactDAQ, CompactRIO, and EtherCAT chassis and controllers.

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