This white paper provides an overview of different approaches to test automotive electronic control units while facing the challenges of today’s automotive industry.

This paper outlines the similarities in functionality of C and LabVIEW and how to use these standard programming structures and methods.

Maximizing the battery life of new devices is one of the biggest challenges design engineers face, so it’s not surprising that they now spend a significant portion of their design effort testing and characterizing ...

This document introduces the available measurement platforms for RTD and Thermistor temperature sensors.

In this document we first classify Digital Output Sensors based on their output signal and circuit interface, and then point out the critical parameters that should be taken into account when selecting ...

FOUNDATION Fieldbus (FF) is a Local Area Network (LAN) for process control sensors, actuators, and control devices.

This document is intended for anyone who is interested in implementing a Real-Time driver for a third-party PXI, cPCI or PCI device. It should help you to choose the best implementation approach for your ...

In 1993, CAN became the international standard known as ISO 11898. This white paper focuses on CAN as an in-vehicle network.

This document describes dstp, the components essential to this protocol, and why dstp is such an efficient data-sharing utility.

The goal of this document is to list software, hardware, and maintenance/support considerations that can prepare engineers to design quality test system architectures with extensive life spans.

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