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How do I login to my myRIO, cRIO, cDAQ, or PXI controller? What are the default login credentials for my chassis or controller?

In today’s mobile world, wireless communication has emerged as the expectation for data transmission. As daily communication moves from landlines to cell phones and Ethernet to Wi-Fi, engineers and scientists ...

I have a CompactDAQ (cDAQ). I want to control my 3 stepper motors. These will be simple, straight line moves. Can I use my cDAQ?

I ran out of available Analog Input ports on my data acquisition device. However, there are some Digital Input ports available, can I use them as Analog Input ports? How are they going to behave?

I have a cDAQ chassis with digital modules connected and I need to generate PWM signals and read digital pulses at the same time. How many of PWM signals could I generate and how many digital pulses could ...

I have old DAQ hardware or hardware that uses DAQmx that I am not sure is supported in my version of LabVIEW. How do I determine if my version of LabVIEW or DAQmx is compatible with my hardware and operating ...

How much clearance do the different types of C Series module connectors require for cables and backplanes?

I have a DAQ device (cDAQ, USB, or PXI(e)) and I would like to communicate with it using low level VISA SCPI commands. Is this possible and is there a manual with the SCPI commands?

What is the maximum distance of the USB cable that can be used for connecting my computer and a NI USB DAQ device?

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