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I have seen products that were in a "Mature" state in their life cycle, but the product page of my hardware does not say anything about its life cycle. Can I safely assume it is in the Active stage of ...

When using a DAQ device to acquire voltage data, the displayed voltage amplitude is lower than expected.

When I am using NI-DAQmx with support for LabVIEW, is the Raw Data from the DAQmx calibrated? How can I convert the acquired binary values to scaled values?

Why do I receive Error -200558 whenI try to use a task that contains multiple DAQ devices? One task cannot contain multiple independent devices. Create one task for each independent device.

The PXI(e) card in my chassis will not perform a Self-Calibration in NI MAX. I'm getting the following error message: Status Code: -201295 Device could not complete the calibration operation. Calibration ...

My DAQ device uses scatter-gather DMA to get data from the board to my computer, what does this mean?

I want to know the error associated with the "Non-Linearity" of my DAQ device. What are the INL and DNL errors in the specifications of my DAQ device?

While reading the specifications of my DAQ device, I found a terminology called Absolute Accuracy at Full Scale. What is the meaning of Absolute Accuracy at Full Scale and how can I calculate it?

I want more precision on my DAQ device. Can I use a smaller voltage range to get more precision with my analog input?

The following devices support programmable power up states: 6509 651x (6512, 6513, 6514, 6515) 652x (6525, 6527, 6528), All M Series boards (62xx) All X Series boards (63xx) You can set power-up states ...

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