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I have connected a CompactRIO (cRIO), Single-Board RIO (sbRIO), or myRIO via USB to my computer, and NI-MAX doesn't identify the RIO. How can I find the device to add to NI-MAX?

I have an application that requires my cRIO to run autonomously. In the event of two or more successive crashes, I do not want the controller rebooting into safe mode since it will not be possible to physically ...

I am trying to switch the IP address of my cRIO running VxWorks without restarting the cRIO. Is this possible? Can I receive a second DHCP request after I have booted my VxWorks cRIO?

I have shifted from using FPGA to using Scan Mode with all my modules. How can I use property nodes to access module I/O properties when using Scan Mode?

I'm creating a VI on my cRIO and when I run it on highlight execution mode I can see the event structure is not responding. Should this structure work on Real-Time based targets?

I am trying to install software onto my cRIO or onto a module in the cRIO (such as NI-9149) but I get the following errors in NI MAX. Cannot continue because of the following unresolved dependencies: ...

I have files I would like to transfer between my host machine and my Real-Time target using FTP. Does Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX) support this functionality?

I have a Linux Real Time Device (e.g. CompactRIO) and I am experiencing time drift. I want to synchronize its clock with a Network Time Protocol (NTP) Server. How do I do this?

I would like aspecific VI to run when the real-time executable starts I would like the executable that I developed to run when my controller boots up

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