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How can I install software like drivers on my NI Real-Time (RT) Series Phar Lap PXI controller from a host computer? Why can't I upgrade the software on my RT Phar Lap PXI controller?

I have a Simulink® model that I would like to compile for my NI PXIe Controller or NI CompactRIO running NI Linux Real-Time. How can I properly configure my modeling environment to build my models?

I would like to dual-boot my RT-capable PXI controller with Windows 7 and LabVIEW Real-Time. How can I do this?

What bitness is the application running on my NI Linux RT Target? I am wondering if my RT EXE can fully use the memory (> 4 GB) on my 64 bit Linux RT system.

I have an RT target (cRIO, PXI, Industrial Controller, sbRIO, etc) which I am trying to install some software on it. The issue is that the versions on the host PC do not match the options available in ...

When I try to add software to my Real-Time controller I receive an error that says I am missing file in the NI-PAL file path.

I want to use both Windows 10 and PharLapRT (Real-Time) OS on my PXIe Controller. I have a Windows 10 installed, and would like to try dual booting, I divided the partition as FAT 32 for PharLap RT OS, ...

Will my NI PXI Express (PXIe)controller work with any PXIe chassis? Will my NI PXIcontroller work with any PXIchassis? Can I use a PXIecontroller on a PXI chassisor vice versa?

When I open Vision Builder for Automated Inspection (VBAI), it takes 3 to 4 minutes for the welcome page to show up. I Checked event system log and see the following error: The description for Event ID ...

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