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I have a National Instrumentshardware configurationand I want to use one input signal to trigger a particular task or operation on my LabVIEW code. I want to synchronizetwo tasks to execute one after the ...

My PXI controller recently went offline during a power surge and now it will not boot past the BIOS. What can I try to get it working again? My PXI controller has started booting straight to the BIOS instead ...

I'm developing a custom PXIe board which is compatible with NI-PXIe chassis. Where can I find reference documents for PXIe chassis backplane pinouts?

I need to find the serial number or system tag of my NIhardware, software, or system. My serial number provided is not working. How do I check what my serial number should be?

I have a PXI or PXIe chassis with one or more modules, and the chassis temperature gets very high when my application is running. The temperature is either getting close to orexceeding the maximum operating ...

I would like to synchronize the FPGA clock of my R Series or FlexRIO PXI(e) board to the PXI(e) 10 MHz or 100 MHz backplane clock. Is this possible, and if so, how do I do this?

I cannot see the Remote Systems tab in NI MAX. I cannot see my device under the Remote Systems tab in NI MAX.

May I know contents of the following 786371-01 and 786372-01 rack mounting kits? Are there two options, one for long and short in these kits?

I have a PXI device that I would like to use with a Compact PCI (cPCI) chassis. What are important considerations when doing this?

I have a PXI chassis with a number of different modules. How do I know if the chassis will have enough power to drive all of my modules?

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