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My client computer will not go into edit mode. I installed only the Client portion of the software on the other computer. I built a switch from the

How do I control a real world output via the client process? I have a Lookout Server V6.2. The server process has a switch with the following

... Topic Lookout "Client" Not Updating with Correct Numbers Lookout "Client" Not Updating with Correct Numbers ...

Hi We had a server client configuration of Lookout 5.0 on 2 PCs. The server PC has died and we have lost the licenses. I had made a back up a week

I have a customer using LOOKOUT 4.0.1 (Build 61) that keeps getting "Client disconnected from database" alarm. I have had him check to be

I'm running lookout 5.0 on one computer and logging its citadel to another machine. There is more than one lookout process on the PC that is actually

Problem is that from time to time cerver stops communicating with clients. No red x's and pbt's freeze. We are running lookout 5.1 with Logos 4.5.

Client Hypertrend not showing full line on trend but the server is. I do have my computers time synchronized. Client update on trends is very slow

Has anyone had any luck using a CWNumEdit in a client process? The server CWNumEdit object can control the value of the CWNumEdit client object but

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