Aerospace and Defense

Creating a weapon shock simulator that accurately recreates the weapon shock experienced by an M4 class weapon to test electro optic and electronic accessories.

Building a prototype autonomous unmanned vehicle (AUV) with a flexible interface, reliable software, and high usability for an algorithm test bed quickly and with minimal cost.

We wanted to demonstrate fusion energy temperatures of 100 million degrees centigrade in a spherical tokamak, paving the way for consumable fusion energy generation by 2025.

Designing, constructing, and testing an RF rack to amplify an X band signal using a traveling wave tube amplifier (TWTA) electrical model from a Pleiades program that can also command the TWTA to switch ...

Performing real-time demonstration and visualization of a data validation algorithm used in Saras Aircraft PT1-N safety-critical systems, with time constraints of 25 ms.

Developing a data acquisition and control system with real-time measurement and logging capabilities for an M15 gas turbine and testbed subsystem.

Developing a remote sensing instrument for real-time detection and quantification of fugitive natural gas emissions that must also adapt to evolving customer requirements driven by emerging industry regulations. ...

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