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I'm using a data acquisition device and I've seen the parameters Channel-to-earth isolation and Crosstalk. How are these parameters are related?

I would like to accurately measure voltages between 14 V and 18 V. Is it possible to use a normal data acquisition +/-10V module to do this?

I am looking for a DAQ board with a certain maximum range. I understand that many boards have a maximum analog input voltage range of ±10 V, but are there other maximum voltage ranges available?

I want to output a chirp signal through my DAQ device in LabVIEW. Is there a way I can easily create a Chirp Signal in LabVIEW? Are there any considerations that need to be taken into account?

My DAQ device uses scatter-gather DMA to get data from the board to my computer, what does this mean?

I want to know the frequency resolution of the analog output on my DAQ device. Can I calculate this myself, or is there an available approximation I can use instead?

This article outlines methods for troubleshooting and isolating the causes of measurement offset and noise in Multifunction I/O DAQ hardware.

I built a LabVIEWapplication and the behavior is not the same as in the development environment. The executable does not show any error, butit does not work correctly. I built an executable in LabVIEW ...

I am running an application that is working with other cards in other computers. When I run it on this computer I get Error-200478 DAQmx Start 1Task Name: _unnamedTask<8>for an ...

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