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I want to utilize the filter on NI DAQ card. I have noise in my environment that's coming through to my signal and saw that my card has filtering capabilities. What is the cutoff frequency of this filter? ...

I am using an analog trigger to start an input acquisition on my NI 60xxE, 62xx or 63xx (formerly E, M, or X Series) device module. I set my trigger level to a certain voltage and notice that there is ...

Are the grounds on my X Series, M Series, E Series and S Series DAQ devices all tied together?

I am trying to synchronize a counter input with multiple analog inputs, but I keep running into errors. I am trying to figure out if this is possible to do and if so, how to do it properly.

I would like to accurately measure voltages between 14 V and 18 V. Is it possible to use a normal data acquisition +/-10V module to do this?

I am looking for a DAQ board with a certain maximum range. I understand that many boards have a maximum analog input voltage range of ±10 V, but are there other maximum voltage ranges available?

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